Nudist Icon Diane Webber Has Died

Classic beauty Marguerite Empey, aka Diane Webber, died at the age of 76 on August 19, in Los Angeles, from complications following surgery for a recurrence of ovarian cancer. She leaves a son, his wife and two children, and former husband Joe Webber.

Empey was one of the most photographed woman of the 1950s and early 1960s, appearing in Playboy, photographic modelling magazines, and nudist publications. She was also an actress, most memorably in "Mermaids of Tiburon", and as a belly dancer in "The Trial of Billy Jack". She was a trained ballet dancer, and worked once as a chorus girl, and later became a belly dancing instructor, forming the "Perfumes of Araby" professional dance troupe, and the studio "Cabaret Nights".

In the naturist and nudist communities, the name of Diane Webber is iconic. Along with her husband and son, Webber was photographed au naturel for numerous publications, and is reported to have been proud of her nudist heritage. She even authored a book "Those Wonderful Webbers" about her nudist experience, which is very scarce and coveted by her fans. To this day she is perhaps the most recognized nudist model of all time.

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