SFPD Tells Nude Demonstrators to Cover Up

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY A report from a participant:
My friend George Davis had a long discussion with the driver of the SFPD car, probably a Sergeant; and, eventually, George got dressed also. Then the officer emerged from his car, and conducted a polite conversation with several of us; most of which was video-taped. At all times, his tone was cordial and respectful.

So far as I know, there was NO rudeness or other misbehavior by any officer at this incident; nor by any demonstrator.

I understand that Mr. Davis MAY file a complaint against the police officers, and/or the SF Police Department. Since he is an honest and truthful person, I don't expect him to allege that any rudeness or violence occurred.

Presumably his complaint, IF any, would concern the lawfulness (or not) of SFPD's actions here -- in that SFPD interrupted a completely lawful nude political demonstration, and ordered the demonstrators to "cover up"; and thereby violated the civil rights and civil liberties of the demonstrators, and also the general public's right to receive political ideas conveyed by such a demonstration.
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