She's Not Laughing Anymore...

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY ...but she is smiling a lot.

Three years ago when I "came out" as a nudist, my wife's first reaction was to laugh. Some of that first giggling could be attributed to nervousness about the sudden change.

Eventually the laughter died down. Thankfully my wife knows me well, so she accepted the fact that I don't really wear clothes anymore, realizing that I am still the same person.

It was also not a problem with her for me to attend some nude swims on my own. She even shared knowledge of my nudism with our daughter, who is supportive.

Eventually my wife decided to go with me to a nudist resort. The situation was made a little easier because we went with another couple that was also having a first time experience for the woman. We all had a great time.

A week ago we had plans to repeat the experience at a different resort, but the plans fell through.

But my wife kept asking when we were going again, so yesterday we packed up the car and went to Cedar Trails near Cincinnati.

Today she has sore legs from hiking, a sore arm from playing cornhole, and an outbreak of freckles all over.

But she is smiling a lot.

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