A True Naturist

Although I have not met her, Gennifer Moss, also known as "Jennifer Moss", "The Pastie Lady" or "The Naked Lady", seems to me to embody all of the best qualities embraced by naturists and nudists. The one quality she has which sets her apart is her unabashed fearlessness. Most nudists and naturists are afraid of even admitting to family, friends and co-workers that they enjoy social nudism, but Gen embraces her nudity without shame.

Not to be confused with NakedJen, Moss appears to have taken on the moniker "Earth Friend Gen", and has a web page here.

As one of the comments on her page noted, anyone can take off their clothes, but not everyone can have the level of commitment shown by Gen. She has become the nude celebrity du jour, surpassing Andrew Martinez (Berkeley's naked guy), Stephen Gough (the Naked Rambler), George Davis of San Francisco, and others in her success when it comes to public nudity. No doubt that her gender has a lot to do with it - naked men are seen as flashers or perverts, but a naked women appears more vulnerable, and less threatening.

Gen also seems to have no agenda other than to promote peace through the celebration of nature and the human body. Some will certainly consider Gen's philosophy to be a little "far out", but it's hard to argue against her sincerity.

I certainly hope that Gennifer Moss is the real deal, because its people like her that have the courage and fortitude who can make a difference in altering public perceptions. Please stay real, Gen.

Update: Here is a blog reaction which echoes my sentiment that Gen is to be admired for her willingness to put her head on the "chopping block", so to speak.

Update 2: Here is a link to a news story that also has an interview with Gen.

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