Weighty Issue

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Rosemary McLeod is afraid, very afraid, of the prospect of nude bodies on the Kapiti Coast.
Councils should in all fairness introduce bylaws about visual offensiveness to offset future shocks, especially with 20 percent of the population currently being defined as obese.

Has anyone thought about the baleful effect on children of the sight of quivering fatties cavorting with beach balls? And mightn't they put many visually sensitive people off going to the beach at all?
Obviously, Rosemary has never actually been to a beach, because swimsuits do not hide the fact that some people are "fatties". It's a false argument to contend that people in bathing suits are less visually offensive than those who are nude. In fact, most people actually look better completely naked than they do squeezed like a sausage into a wet, sandy bathing suit. Rosemary's smug and condescending article is a prime example of what is wrong with a society which defines people primarily on the basis of physical attractiveness.

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