Woman Disturbed by Nude Co-Workers

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY A writer for the Washington City Paper is uncomfortable with the fact that a couple of her co-workers once went to Caliente Nudist Resort in Florida and posed nude for a cover of Creative Loafing Tampa.
When the newspaper was unceremoniously dumped in my cubicle, I approached the cover as I would the site of a terrible collision: Not knowing what else to do, I simply stared, wondering why the tears were not coming...But while Scheinman and Reed were comfortable with their nude photo experience, I am not particularly comfortable with it. I generally am not opposed to the display of nude art in the workplace, but I do find saucy nude photographs of my co-workers moderately disturbing.
Saucy? Take a look at the photos here. The guys are just naked, with their genitals covered. Another photo shows them with a nude woman, again all "offending" regions covered.

At first I thought the article was tongue-in-cheek, but upon a second reading it's clear that this writer is genuinely disturbed by the fact that two people she knows actually got naked at a nudist resort and had their pictures taken.

It's precisely this sort of prudish attitude which keeps nudists and naturists "in the closet" regarding their lifestyles, that many people automatically assume that it's "saucy" or sexual.

It's just hard to fathom that a woman writer could have such a prudish attitude about simple nudity when sexually-charged images are ubiquitous, and especially when she works for a publication that has a section of personal ads called "Wild Side" which is hidden behind an adult materials disclaimer.

If the writer is so obsessed with the nudity of her co-workers, yet apparently unaffected by the "Kink Calendar" in the Personal section of her own newspaper, then the only fair thing she can do at this point is to do a report on a nudist resort, and get naked in the process.

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