Absolute Naturism

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY I recently heard someone refer to "absolute naturism".

I did a cursory Google search and only came across a soft core porn fiction piece about a futuristic society in which being unclothed is the norm.

Many nudists and naturists already adopt the motto "nude when possible, clothed when necessary", so what would constitute being an "absolute" nudist or naturist?

Perhaps the best source of understanding what it's like to be a full-time nudist living in an nudist community is at The Nude Life, although the postings there are rather few and far between. The blog is maintained by a couple who moved permanently to Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Florida. Just recently they wrote:
We took the decision when we moved here that we were not going to make choices and arrange our lives so as to suit other people’s wishes or desires. Living the nude life is what we want to do, and so we are doing it. We aren’t going to spend the rest of our lives, which we expect to be happy and many, living in the textile world just to suit the social mores of the textile world.
In nudism, there are many references to the "textile world", as if those who choose to live life unclothed are somehow exiled on a different planet. In order to become an "absolute" nudist, does it entail putting family, friends and the rest of society in the rear-view mirror?

Perhaps it does.

Perhaps our society is so deeply invested in clothing, and a culture of body shame, that a person who rejects clothing cannot fully integrate into the everyday life.

If you watch "Mad Men" on AMC, you know that one of the advertising people is a gay man, hiding behind his "beard" girlfriend and pretending to be as macho as the other boys. Since the series takes place in the early 1960s, it was a time when homosexuals were not accepted in the workplace, and any mention of "fags" or "queers" elicits giggles and a general resentment. But times change, and in the last episode a new employee from Europe had no misgivings about announcing in front of everyone that he likes boys, not women. Time will tell if the firm will find a way to get rid of the gay man, but he has become a friend of Peggy, the only woman to crack the "boys club" in the ad world, so he has a strong ally.

In addition, the only presence of African-Americans in the show is as servants, or elevator operators.

In America today, gay men and woman have achieved much in the way of equal opportunity, as have people of varying ethnic origins. There is still a long way to go, but the fact that the country is on the brink of electing its first African-American President means that progressive-minded people are prevailing in the culture wars.

Yet, despite a wider acceptance of people based upon their skin color, ethnic origin or sexual preference, nudists and naturists still live in the closet. I know I do.

I would certainly be an "absolute" if given the opportunity. I've always hated clothes and would not miss them for a minute, except for the times when they are needed for warmth, or protection. I am nude at home as much as possible, but when I am at home working during the day I really like to open the blinds and let in the natural light, so I reluctantly get dressed.

It's odd that we make celebrities out of people in the pornography business. The names of Hugh Hefner, Linda Lovelace, Larry Flynt, Ron Jeremy, Traci Lords and Jenna Jameson are all well-known. Soon to open at your local theatre will be "Zack and Miri Make a Porno", marking a point in our culture where pornography is so widespread and accessible, that a mainstream comedy film can take on the subject matter. Comedy is only funny when there is a commonality in the material so recognizable that people immediately understand and react. Just about everyone in America has now seen explicit pornography, and many see it on a daily basis.

So what am I getting at here?

Ron Jeremy and Larry Flynt are absolute pornographers. There is no doubt about the identification. Congressman Barney Frank is an absolute gay man, everyone knows his sexuality. Ellen DeGeneres is an absolute lesbian. They are not only known for their lifestyles, they are identified by them.

So can you name an absolute naturist?

The folks who write The Nude Life are anonymous. While they are living the nude life, they are still basically in hiding. nakedjen is really not a naturist or nudist - she basically just likes to throw off her clothes at the drop of a hat. Earth Friend Gen comes pretty close, but many consider her to be a kook. Same with Stephen Gough, who spends more time in jail than he does nude.

I think an absolute nudist or naturist is someone who is not ashamed to tell anyone about his or her chosen lifestyle, someone who is willing to lay it all on the line for the cause. It's not just about living without clothing, it has to be about living without fear, and integrating with society.

When you look at the board members of the Naturist Action Committee, I believe you are looking at absolute naturists. People like Bob Morton, Bill Schroer, Kath Rooney, Morley Schloss, Judy Williams, Mark Storey, Jonathan Shopiro, Allen Baylis, Virginia Schnee, Lee Baxandall and Nicky Lee, who are proud enough of their naturism that they are willing to expose their bodies and their identities for all the world to see, and are strong enough to maintain ties to the "textile world".

My sincere hope is that someday I can be in the position to become an absolute naturist. To me, it's not about merely living the nude life and running away from the rest of society, it's about having the fire in the belly to confront one's own identity, share it with others, and ultimately make a difference.

I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but I'm going to try.

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