Another Ruined Life, Part Two

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY A reader comments on my previous post:
Although I support nudism both financially by visiting resorts and by bringing new people (my girlfriend) into it, there is no logical connection between cases of cell phone nudity involving underage persons and the right to be nude. Here is an example why these persons should face criminal charges: if a person who is underage sends that picture to someone who's is of legal age say 29, then that person is in possesion (sic) of child pornography.If a underage person feels like it they can send the pics to anyone and that person can become a criminal. Furthermore, sex is in every movie,TV show, and song out today so censoring sex is not doing so well, perhaps it has been sensationalized a bit to much because nobody takes the consequences of sex seriously in America.
The reader is missing the point. Yes, sexting is not the same as nudism, but there is a relationship because it speaks to societal attitudes towards sex and nudity. Any society that would make criminals out of children who are only exploring their own natural sexuality should be ashamed of itself.

Not every photograph or image of a nude child is pornography. There is total hysteria over this issue now, with art galleries being raided, and art magazines being investigated. Somehow the sensibility that a nude child is cute and natural has evolved into a perversion that such images appeal only to prurient interests and child predators. Parents taking nude photos of their babies are being arrested when they take their shots to be developed and printed.

The reader professes that "nobody takes the consequences of sex seriously in America". The problem is that the opposite is true, that the consequences are far too severe. What we need is to establish a more open dialogue with children as they develop and become more curious about their own bodies and feelings.

In this specific instance, we are talking about a 15 year-old girl who was arrested and thrown in jail for sending a nude photo of herself to classmates. Was this a stupid thing for her to do? Of course it was, but teenagers have been doing stupid things since the dawn of time. Kids have been exposing themselves, touching each other, and having sex forever, but the difference today is that we have photographic evidence, and that is freaking out the older generation.

When mom and dad fumbled around in the back seat of a car on lover's lane, nobody had a cell phone camera to record the event for posterity. We live in a Facebook and MySpace era, where hooking up electronically on the Internet, or by cell phones, is how the mating game is being played. Many younger people think nothing of posting sexy photos of themselves for all to see.

Sexual behavior in the teenage world is subject to chaos theory, that no matter what is done to prevent or curb the activity, that it will evolve in unpredictable ways and find its way in the world.

There is a clear disconnect between natural and man-made laws when it comes to sexting. Rather than dealing with this as a manifestation of normal teenage behavior, the legal system is treating it as a felony criminal act. What these kids need is education and understanding. Yes, there should be consequences, but imposing a criminal record and a sex offender status upon a child is not only overkill, it's a perversion of justice.

UPDATE: The girl is now under house arrest and police are telling other kids in the school if they send nude photos with their phones they could go to jail for 20 years.

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