The Body Image Project

Larry Kirkwood gives presentations on his "Body Image Project", comprised of headless casts of nude human bodies, painted in various colors in order to focus more on the beauty of form rather than the color of skin. The Fort Scott Tribune covers his recent visit to Kansas.
Across the country, people who view the exhibit have a myriad of reactions. Some attribute a sexual aspect to it; others see only the general shapes of the bodies; others see beyond to something else. One person, he recalled, wrote about viewing a particular piece -- the form of a woman with a well-rounded midsection. "I think this woman is very brave," the writer said, continuing a description of what this person might be like and the challenges they might have endured. Kirkwood admits that some believe his works of humans au naturel have to do with human sexuality, but those who do are missing the point, he says. His project has even been censored at some of the most unexpected places -- a medical school censored the show, telling Kirkwood it would be upsetting to the students.

"Sexuality is important. We wouldn't exist without it, but it's only one aspect of who we are," he said.
More on The Body Image Project here, here, here, and at the artist's website here.

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