Camp Clothing

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Tanya Enberg has many hang-ups about her own body is surprised when most of her friends in "Camp Clothing" exclaim that they would be more than willing to strip down for a day at the spa.
Truth is, no amount of love or trust for my lively circle of friends could quiet down that nattering inner voice that would be obsessing over body stuff like whether they're noticing that my boobs actually do fall on the small side or that regardless of regular work outs, wobbly bits remain (for which I have buttery garlic bread and creamy pasta to thank).Instead of feeling pent-up knots of stress escaping my body, I'd be stressing out by my birthday-suit imperfections.
Tanya professes that she will not lose the towel if she goes with her friends, but something tells me that she will lose her inhibitions once she is among her nude friends, and her follow-up article will be a confession about how silly it was to stress about it.

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