The Daily Newds 10/14/08

  • Choreographer Trajal Harrell draws upon his experience with nudie shows at the age of 11 in his stage work today.
    “When I really started to look into my own sense of nudity, of course, I had to go back to my family,” he says. “When I was a young boy in Georgia, my father would take me to the county fair. At some point in the evening, he would go into the hoochie-koochie show. As the years went on, I became more curious about what that was; when I was maybe 10 or 11, I realized that it was a place with naked women dancing. This was my first introduction to performing and nakedness.”
  • Click here for slideshow of body painting models from fashion week in Los Angeles.
  • A museum in Dusseldorf is featuring Diana and Actaeon. The forbidden glimpse of the naked body, a gallery show focused upon "chastity and desire, of seeing and being seen, voyeurism and exhibitionism".
  • Three nude paintings by Jonathan Hutchings have been moved out of general view by the Harrow City Council for fear of public complaints.
    "The council are being stricter than they have been. Two or three years ago the life class paintings went on show and they OK'd it.

    "I think the paintings may be 'questionable' but it depends on who's calling it offensive."
  • A study shows that many children are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency, which can usually be helped with just a little exposure to sunshine.
  • Journalist David Marr feels "terrible" about ruining the lives of a child and a school principal for reporting about photographer Bill Henson's recruiting visit.
    "I did not understand its beat-up potential, I did not understand therefore that people would seek out the principal. I feel terrible for what's happened to those people, terrible." Marr, who last night argued that as long as artists acted within the law, police should be kept out of arguments about taste, said the controversy was due to "tabloid rage capped and validated by the Prime Minister".
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