The Daily Newds 10/16/08


  • More and more on teens sexting each other. ABC news gets "inside the minds" of these kids who use cell phones to send nude photos of themselves. Up to 200 students received a nude photo of a 14 year-old classmate and could be prosecuted on child pornography charges. And the defense in the case of the 15 year-old Ohio girl who send nude photos of herself has asked for all charges to be dismissed on the basis that she cannot be both the victim and the perpetrator at the same time.
  • A United States high school physical education teacher was suspended because two male students walked in on her as she was in the process of putting on her towel in a European spa, even though the exposure was unintentional, and German spas require all patrons to disrobe.
  • If you missed Love Your Body Day, you can still celebrate the diversity of the human form by rejecting the sexualized imagery in the media which fosters an unrealistic body image.
  • An ACLU lawsuit has been settled so a Pittsburgh area dance instructor will be allowed to teach pole dancing as long as there is no nudity of explicit sexual activity. "This has never been about nudity and sex. It's about dance, fitness ... releasing that inner diva within us all and having a different form of exercise," said (Stephanie) Babines, who also works as a computer programmer.
  • Teenage girls in an African tribe have been ordered to cover up during traditional dances because European tourists keep taking pictures of their bare bottoms.
  • Neighbors in a Chicago suburb complained and actually threatened violence over a nude photograph in a local art gallery window.
  • Would you pay $15,000 for an hour-long nude tennis lesson from Andy Roddick? Someone did - for charity.
  • Australia's Parliament House is finally breastfeeding friendly.
  • A Kansas county has adopted a resolution prohibiting nudity at strip clubs. “I think this is a good plan,” said Commissioner Charlie Napier.
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