The Daily Newds 10/6/08

  • An opinion writer says that nudity is "present everywhere so it seems to be nowhere", whatever that means. Either way, the writer concludes that nudity is immoral.
  • The Greenville, Maine, police chief equates skinny-dipping with prostitution.
  • In an article on South Korea's public baths, a college student says that "we don't consider someone a real friend until we take a bath together".
  • A 15 year-old boy has been charged with gross misdemeanor indecent exposure because a number of small children were present when he streaked "nearly naked" at his high school's football game halftime show. He was wearing only tennis shoes, a gas mask and a sombrero.
  • An Australian primary school principal is under investigation for allowing controversial photographer Bill Henson onto the grounds to scout for models. It was recently ruled that Henson's artistic nude photos of children were not pornographic.
  • Man Boobs on Bikes doesn't sound like a parade you would normally want to see, but it's being held to raise awareness of breast cancer.
  • A man accidentally shot his wife in the chest at the Paradise Lakes nudist resort in Lutz, Florida.
  • Animal lovers in California have put together a nude calendar to spread information about pet health and overpopulation.
  • The Daily Texan has a positive article about nudism.
    “In order for society as a whole to become more accepting of nudity, people are going to have to start taking themselves less seriously,” (Ryan) Hailey said. “We need more peace, love and understanding in this world. The day we can all be naked together will be great.”
  • A public art display in San Mateo featuring cartoon nudity was removed from a Caltrain station and will be replaced with advertising.