The Daily Newds 10/7/08

  • Cheryl Tan ponders whether nudity is nature or sin.
    Barcan argued that nudists are able to experience this Paradise not only in a somnambulant state – shedding clothes is liberation from self-consciousness, the ultimate psychological freedom. Nudists do not view being without clothes as being exposed; to them, it is a return to their original state, connoting a child-like innocence as all humans are born naked. In the words of Berger, “To be naked is to be oneself...without disguise."
  • Is sex outdoors illegal? People who oppose clothing-optional beaches often cite public displays of sex as reasons to shut them down, so it's surprising that a columnist would actually encourage alfresco lovemaking.
    Sex in the open air can be lovely...So where can you go? Well, go off the beaten track. A quiet beach can be great, but don't cavort on a designated naturist spot. People who go there may be unruffled about nude bodies but could be seriously upset about any sexual display.
  • Two good articles today on nude modelling, one a cover story from Oklahoma State University, and another from Pacific Lutheran University.
  • More stories on the continuing controversy in Australia over Bill Henson and his photography. An article in The Australian notes that Henson's work is studied in art classes by children as young as 12. The Brisbane Times reports that the principal who allowed the photographer into her school to scout for subjects can remain on her job while an investigation is conducted, and an editorial in The Herald Sun calls it a "rotted culture" that would allow any exploitation of children in the form of nude art because it exposes them "to the predatory eye of men".
  • The ACLU is trying to keep artist Ed Stross out of jail for painting the word "love" on the bare breast of his Detroit area mural.
    "The issue is not Ed Stross," said Roseville city attorney Timothy Tomlinson. "The issue is really a municipality's right to govern their signages. ... Sometimes there's bigger fish to fry, but sometimes the issues are pretty significant, and this could affect municipalities all over the state."
  • Hundreds of Nigerian women are threatening to protest naked if their demands are not met on an election issue.
  • The Cape May Beach Bums are baring all for a cookbook in order to raise money for a local resident parlalyzed in a swimming pool accident.