The Holiday Newds 10/13/08

  • Over half of Austrian male youths rely on pornography for their sex education. Australia basically has the same problem.
  • "It's almost macabre that people are paying £4,000 a week to strip buck naked and enter a white tiled room with concentration camp bright lighting."
  • More fallout from teenagers sending nude photos of themselves with their cell phones. A Virginia assistant principal was arrested on a felony charge for obtaining a photo of a female student as part of a school investigation. An editorial in the Newark Advocate states that the arrest of a 15 year-old Ohio student for sending a nude photo of herself by cell phone is overreaching and unreasonable. And a 13 year-old Texas boy was placed in juvenile detention on child pornography charges and has been suspended from school for receiving a nude photo of a female classmate. “He doesn’t know what a felony means. He doesn’t understand what pornography means,” said one parent.
  • Australian police are installing a network of closed-circuit cameras around the Gold Coast to be used during the motor car race next week. Police claim that the cameras do not violate privacy laws and are designed to catch people engaging in criminal activity, and are not for focusing on women who traditionally bare their breasts from high-rise balconies.