Naktivism is naturism in motion.

Almost every weekend each summer, a group of German men and women take a nude bicycling tour across Bavaria.
Founded three years ago in the wake of World Naked Bike Ride Day, the Nacktradler simply enjoy being at one with nature.

It's something local organiser, Alex von der Tour, is eager to point out, when asked about the point of the whole exercise.

"It gives you the feeling of freedom," he says. Yet is cycling nude in public not illegal? The German authorities, von der Tour tells me, prosecute only if members of the public complain.

"Some of our group have been fined," he admits, "but only when out alone."
Safety in numbers.

Truly, being nude and active outdoors is the way to be. As a cyclist myself, I'm a bit wary of what would happen to my skin if I took a tumble, but it appears that these German naktivists are not going for extreme rides.

This summer I was able to go for a nude hike for a couple of miles at Cedar Trails in Ohio. My wife and I wandered through the woods and around a meadow for well over an hour, completely free and out of sight of people and signs of civilization. Until you have experienced freehiking you cannot appreciate the comfort of not having sweaty clothes clinging to your body.

Perhaps naktivism is the answer to promoting nudism as an acceptable recreation, and to bringing more young people into experiencing the lifestyle.

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