New Message from Topfree Revolutionary Liz Book

My friends, I have notified the city of Daytona Beach that I intend to do another Topfree Stand protest in their city on October 19th of this year. This is, of course, one of the hoops that I must jump through to protect a legal protest. I have learned this lesson well through out my experiences with the Florida legal system.

The second aspect of protecting our legal rights in peaceful protests is to notify the media of my intentions. This will be my formal notification to the media of my protest. Many of my email contacts are avenues of media. So I would expect that this is sufficient notification of what I intend to do.

Recently, in Central Florida, we have been dealing with a whole new kind of protester. It involves the case of a missing child, Kaylee Anthony, and her family. I have watched the protests in front of the family's home become more extreme over the past several weeks. A request for an Injunction against the protesters has been denied. Even though some of the things that these people are saying are so offensive that at this time I am almost afraid to turn my television on anymore. They certainly have the right to protest in this manner. The coverage of this case has created a media frenzy and a protester frenzy. One of the protesters was even heard to ask the media when they would be present, so that they could make sure that they were there. This is free speech at it's worst. I will give you free speech at it's best.

If you know me at all, then you would know that I hold the mainstream media in high contempt. I don't need them at my protests and I don't want them there. It is not a photo op for idiots.The message I am sending you now should suffice for my needs. I will give you the greatest First Amendment experience of all time with my protest.Come, if you will or don't. It's your free will. I plan to make it fun, no matter what.

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