Not Your Mother's Art Show

Nude Nite, the largest nude art show in the United States, has a new website and is seeking art from all media for the Florida events in Orlando and Tampa early next year.
Thousands attend each year to experience the art party that Nude Nite has become. Orlando Sentinel calls Nude Nite "the biggest event of the year" and a "must-see art happening." With world class body painters, installation artists, and strolling street performers, to name just a few, no matter where you happen to be standing at Nude Nite, there are half a dozen things going on around you. The Nude Nite experience has included breakthrough installations such as Condom Couture, a gown made from 15,000 condoms, and Living Sculptures, a living recreation of Michelangelo's David by French artist Serge Dulac. Nude Nite showcases social installations such as NYC artist Mary Ellen Sherl's sobering breast cancer survivor exhibit Mamorial, with shocking contrasts such as a sexy model dressed in a Catholic nun's habit passing out naughty chocolates to kneeling sinners and saints. Nude Nite cuts the apron strings of mother's art show forever.
Photo credit: Amanda by Michael Leoncio