The Weekend Newds 10/17/08

  • Bianca Doesn't Know Best: An advice columnist steers a woman seeking advice on nude modeling (not porn) to
  • A group of women who successfully lost weight in the UK have posed nude for a calendar to raise money for cancer research.
  • People are slowly beginning to realize that government security agents will be electronically stripping passengers naked before boarding any airplanes. One article justifies the invasion of privacy by noting that there would be "a woman looking at the scans of women and a man looking at the scans of men", while a commentator feels that the scans go too far.
    When I objected to having had a photo taken under my clothes, the agent snapped, "It's not a nude picture," but then couldn't explain what it is.
  • An Australian art gallery is showing "The Naked and the Nude".
    The humanist idea of the beautiful body as symbolic of goodness and harmony is not just different from, but antithetical to, contemporary commercial images of glamour. Beauty makes the viewer feel stronger and more serene; the images of commercial exploitation provoke anxiety or arousal, or both at once.
  • "Nude-a-Palooza" is being held this year on November 8 at the Cypress Cove Nudist Resort and Spa in Kissimmee, Florida. Resort web site here.
  • Is this the worst nude calendar ever?
  • Even though a medical test proved nothing, two Britons have been sentenced to three months in prison for committing an "indecent act" on a Dubai beach.
    "The verdict shows that the judge was convinced that they did not have sexual intercourse but he punished them for the indecent act of kissing (in public)," (defense lawyer Hassan) Matar said.