The Daily Newds 11/12/08

  • Eight Ohio teens are facing child pornography charges for exchanging nude photos of classmates, but in New Hampshire police only issued warnings when nude photos surfaced at Salem High School. .
    "This is not a Salem High School issue; this is an issue of the times," said Principal William Hagen. "This isn't just happening on cell phones; it's happening in MySpace accounts and Facebook accounts."
  • A 15 year-old Ohio girl, accused of sending nude photos of herself to classmates, will not be labeled a sex offender, but she will become a felon under a plea agreement.
  • The sexting phenomenon has hit the Scranton-Wilkes Barre area.
    According to District Attorney George Skumanick Jr., the youths could be charged with sexual abuse of children or criminal use of a communication facility.Both charges are felonies.
  • The "erotic review" magazine C-Spot is Jessica Tang's creation.
    “It is a means for students to combine the intellectual, academic, and creative with the erotic,” Tang said. “We are working to build C-Spot up to a be a seriously recognized and professional publication” by “handling our content with care, sophistication, and responsibility, and rendering them through the unique view of bright, young Columbia students.”
  • A nude portrait of 64 year-old Irish writer and feminist Nell McCafferty has one writer struggling with the stark reality of the image as contrasted with society's centuries old perception of human beauty.
  • Iowa's Supreme Court will review a lower court's decision that an all-nude dance club is protected under the law as "theatre" art.
  • The Milwaukee Gay Arts Center and the ACLU have sued the city in federal court, claiming that the 2005 closing of a production of Naked Boys Singing was a First Amendment violation.
  • An Australian nudist resort is bringing back "anything goes" hedonism because family-friendly nudism isn't bringing in the bucks.
  • Most people over the age of 12 never heard of Adrienne Bailon before her nude photos hit the Internet. It's a familiar story: Disney star takes nude photos of herself, the photos are stolen and distributed, star is mortified and apologizes, then star gets recording and movie deals. Does anyone really fall for this crap anymore?
  • "Naked Idealism" seems to embrace most nudist philosophies except for the actual nude part.
  • The art show "A Revealing Beyond Nudity" is being held in a gay bar in Alaska. The show is "not about the nudity," the artist said. "It's about what's behind it."
  • The Sunshine Coast Regional Council has rejected all proposed sites for Queensland's first legal clothing-optional beach.