The Daily Newds 11/18/08

  • Skinny dipping on Danish beaches has been declared a legal right.
  • Professor Linda Kay is recognized by a former student while she is completely nude in a locker room.
    My daughter, who just entered university and is the same age as many of my students, calls it "highly disturbing" that I disrobe at all in a public locker room. When she occasionally accompanies me to the Y for a swim, she'll head to the bathroom to undress in private. She won't even remove her bathing suit in the shower and strongly feels I should follow her lead.

    But years of swimming in a master's club at a public pool, where communal showers were the rule, have accustomed me to the open concept. It never fazed me to stand naked before fellow swimmers in my club, maybe because most of us were middle-aged and sagging in similar places.
  • The reborn Fontainebleau hotel in Miami will feature a "European bath" where topfree sunbathing will be allowed.
  • Nudism could be the answer to help boost the economy in a section of Australia.
    “We’re keen to encourage other people to enjoy the freedom of social nudism. It’s not sleazy, offensive or sexually orientated. Getting your gear off is a great leveller - people aren’t judged by the clothes they wear and everyone interacts happily without preconceived ideas.’’
  • A proposed Penthouse casino could feature completely nude women serving as dealers.
  • Stephen Gough, Great Britain's "Naked Rambler", has been cleared of a breach of the peace charge for leaving a Glasgow prison without wearing any clothes, due to lack of evidence.
  • Actress Kate Hudson is willing to appear nude on screen as long as it's important to the story.
    “My mother and father never made a big deal about nudity in our house. “I often walk around naked or just wearing panties. Actors are all supposed to be emotionally naked anyway,” she said.