The Daily Newds 11/25/08

  • 52 year-old Kim Cattrall has posed nude for a photo based upon Titian's Diana and Actaeon as part of a campaign to raise money to purchase the original painting.
  • A Florida night club has sued the city of Destin, claiming that city ordinances against nude dancing are in violation of the First Amendment.
  • Alton Illinois is considering an ordinance change which would prohibit shirtless male bartenders.
    A federal court case is being interpreted to mean it is unconstitutional to specify which gender is prohibited to be topless in a nudity ordinance, and so the city wants to comply with that ruling, said Corporation Counselor Jim Schrempf.
  • While Alton is considering a ban on male nipples, firefighters in Peoria are baring theirs to raise money for charity.
  • Nigerian woman are threatening a nude protest over the insensitivity of an oil company.
  • In discussing the outrage over a topless photo in a Cambridge undergrad magazine, a writer concludes that prudishness is a rite of passage for any educated person.
  • The Righteous Mothers singing "Old Fat Naked Women for Peace" is pretty cool. "Knock it off or we'll take it off."