The Weekend Newds 11/1/08

  • Two Polish women have been put on trial for indecent exposure after they sunbathed topless on a Baltic Coast beach.
  • The government is getting into the strip club business.
  • A nude calendar hopes to raise awareness of global warming. "How do you grab somebody's attention?" asked Sigi Psimenos, Miss September. "You get a bunch of people together and have them take off their clothes." And if you're still hot, you can hire Symon Spinks of Spaulding Air Conditioning Services who is one of 12 businessmen in the UK who posed nude for a calendar supporting Cancer research. And don't forget to check out these calendar girls from Ulster.
  • It is estimated that Pasco County has 12,000 "nude votes", and it is possible that the supervisor of elections will consider a clothing-optional polling place after redistricting in 2010.
  • 54 percent of New Zealanders polled are in favor of nudity on designated beaches, and 29 percent think it should be allowed on all beaches.
  • Sometimes nudists and army tanks co-exist on San Onofre beach.
  • Women at Canada's nude Tower Beach are demanding more police presence to crack down on masturbating men.
  • The recently passed anti-porn bill in Indonesia threatens to force some tribal natives to put on clothes.
  • Caliente Resorts is on trial for bait-and-switch sales tactics.
  • Sean Combs has released a family photo in which his two daughters are nude. It's a beautiful photo, but naturally there is plenty of fake moral outrage.
  • Two photos depicting nude men won first and second place awards in the "Art for the Health of It" competition, but were denied a spot in the final display because the "subject matter was not appropriate".