The Weekend Newds 11/21/08

  • Did you know that Spencer Tunick did a nude photo shoot in a Brooklyn bar on election night?
  • The daughter of an English cricket legend has organized a nude calendar to raise money for breast cancer.
    "We were all nervous about going completely nude. But it's brought us closer and we're so glad we've done it.

    We just hope the money raised will help."
  • Should the government restrict pornography? Yes and No.
  • In Las Vegas, women apparently cannot enter some topless bars unless accompanied by a male. A writer wonders how that can be legal.
  • The whole world will be laughing hysterically if the Janet Jackson nipplegate episode is actually heard by the United States Supreme Court.
  • Speaking of nipples, American Apparel's new ad campaign features some.
  • Six figurines lampooning Disney's seven dwarfs have been banned from a New Zealand gallery because of their sexually graphic positions. Sleazy, Gropey, Horny, Randy, Rumpy, Grabby and Dick?
  • The 15 year-old Ohio teen facing a felony for sending a nude photo of herself to classmates unexpectedly revealed that she received similar photos in return, prompting prosecutor Ken Oswalt to open an inquiry into bringing new charges against some boys.
    He said after the hearing the girl might not understand that a depiction of a male juvenile without a shirt does not qualify as child pornography..."This is serious stuff," he said. "I'm not out there telling (students) one thing and then not backing it up."
    With this statement Oswalt proves that this entire fiasco is all about him covering his own ass. What higher office are you running for, Ken? It's not about the children, it's about the prosecutor maintaining his credibility. How can a child who does not even understand the meaning or pornography be charged with a felony?

    The good news is that the judge has left it open for the girl to have the case dismissed if she adheres to certain conditions, a way out that the overzealous prosecutor was apparently unwilling to offer.
  • Moorehead State University is holding its second annual Nearly Naked Mile charity run.
  • A Cambridge student who is under attack for appearing topless in a magazine is getting a lot of support from her peers.
    Natalie Szarek, women's officer at the Cambridge Union debating society, said: "We totally support her choice to do this photo. It's entirely up to her what she does and we would never tell an individual what they can or cannot do with their body."It's inconceivable that any action could be taken against her and we would certainly support her in that case."think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion - she has done nothing illegal."
  • A Catholic priest who was arrested for jogging nude around a Colorado high school track has been put on probation and required to register as a sex offender for at least 10 years, even though there was no sexual act associated with his run. The priest will appeal.
  • What thoughts are running around inside the head of a nude artists' model?
  • An editorial in a Pennsylvania newspaper makes the following statement: "Taking, sending and possessing nude pictures of anyone 18 and younger is a felony". If that is true, then all parents with nude photo of their child on a rug or in the bath must burn the images immediately.
  • Students at Northern Michigan University celebrate the first big snowfall of the season by running nude around a courtyard.
    The Brule Run is also just one of many organized streaking events held on college campuses around the United States.At Dartmouth College, students celebrate an annual swim across the Connecticut River by running back to the starting point in the nude. Students at Tufts University in Massachusetts celebrate the end of the fall semester by streaking around the residential quad, and at Hamilton College in New York they actually have a varsity streaking team.
  • A man in his sixties stripped naked in a public shower when a small group of children ages 5 to 11 were present. a result of complaints by parents, a report of the incident and the relevant CCTV footage were forwarded by Newtownabbey Council to local PSNI officers.Mr. Hollis also raised the matter with Councillor Jackie Mann, who this week called for an end to communal changing areas at the Valley..."This was a nasty incident and I hope the kids who were present weren't too upset by it." Councillor Mann went on to criticise Council officials for not acting sooner in reporting the matter to police.
  • Australian naturists presented a petition with 1000 signatures demanding for the government to establish a nude beach.
  • A woman stripped down in various New York locations in order to study the reactions of people. Video here.

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