Best of the Naturist World

This is another no-brainer.

At the top of anyone's list is the Naturist Action Committee. Founded in 1993 by Lee Baxandall and other naturists, the NAC "was created to meet the challenge of anti-nudity regulations and legislation that threaten the recreational choices and way of life for thousands of naturists throughout North America."

In the recent past, the NAC has been on the front lines representing naturist interests in Vermont, Seattle, Michigan, San Onofre Beach, Huntington Beach, and Wreck Beach. Board member Mark Storey attended the meeting in Seattle, and it was the NAC lawsuit which was instrumental in keeping San Onofre Beach clothing-optional.

All NAC board members are identified by name and photo, and can be contacted anytime by e-mail. These dedicated individuals serve as role models for any naturist, not only for their hard work, but for their fearlessness in being honest and open about their lifestyle and philosophies.

Please join me today in making a donation to the Naturist Action Committee to help preserve our freedom.

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