"Lingerie Bowl" Cancelled, Nudism Suffers Again

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY The Lingerie Bowl scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort has been cancelled.
The Lingerie Bowl has been officially canceled, Stephon McMillen, a spokesman for the Lingerie Football League, announced Sunday in an e-mail.

The cancellation is the result of a conflict over where nudity would be allowed during the event. The Lingerie Football League, which is organizing the game, has requested that people stay dressed in certain areas of the resort. That's something the clothing-optional resort would not agree to.

McMillen wrote that the league was "forced to cancel" the event because Caliente officials have "chosen to breach their agreement in relation to our previously agreed upon 'clothing mandate' during our broadcast and events at the resort."

Angye Fox, spokeswoman for Caliente, said this morning a contract was never signed with the league. "We never came to a full agreement so we haven't breached anything," she said.
This whole think stinks. First of all, why would Caliente publicize the event and sell tickets if there was no written contract? Perhaps Fox subscribes to the adage "there's no such thing as bad publicity."

And what's up with this so-called "Lingerie Football League"? You can't make up something this absurd. Wait a minute, somebody did make up something this absurd.

I don't think any of these people ever expected to pull off this event. Originally scheduled to be played in a vacant lot, the "game" apparently found the perfect venue in Caliente, a clothing optional resort. After a round of press releases and news stories about issues involving player salaries and indignation about playing at a "nudist colony", this non-event self-destructed. It's all just been a fabrication of huckster public relations trash.
"While this is a disappointing development for the thousands of fans that were planning on attending the festivities and the millions set to watch the broadcast, we feel ultimately it is in the best interest of the league not to place ourselves in what some would consider a potentially negative environment," McMillen wrote.
Negative environment? Caliente makes no effort to conceal its adult nature, marketing to swinger groups and cutting ties with AANR. And where are AANR and TNS on this issue? With nudism and naturism taking a huge PR hit, there is nobody out there trying to neutralize the negative impressions the public is getting from all this.

Tom Mullhall of the Terra Cotta Inn has weighed in on the issue.
Caliente in Tampa which has swinger parties said nudists did NOT support them enough and swingers do. They have bills to pay, thus they cater to swingers. Nudists have no one to blame but themselves for Caliente's policy change. I do not know how to change this thought process of the experienced nudist club member.

But, just remember, every time you book at a non nudist hotel or at a nude place not owned by nudists, you forfeit your right to say "why aren't there more nudist places to go to in the US," because you are part of the reason.
I wholeheartedly agree. The only way to counteract Caliente's negative affect on nudism is to support real nudist organizations and venues. Time will tell if nudism and naturism is strong enough and smart enough to overcome the damage done by Angye Fox and her sex-ed up selling and trashing of the clothing optional industry.

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