Caliente Endangering Nudism?

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY On the forum today. LanceAtCaliente offers the following observation on potential law changes:
Rile up a zealously religious district attorney, state legislator or government official with clout, and they could initiate a legislative fire storm and eventually propose and pass laws to shut down nudist resorts...

Don't think it can happen? Call any of the AANR Government Affairs officers and ask them. They'll tell you! AANR and TNS officers struggle mightly and continuously to keep our lifestyle legal...

I know Chuck Foster (when he was alive), Bill Baldwin, Angye Fox (Angela Smits Whitaker), Steve Dorsey and have talked to them all at one time or another. They are steadfastly pursuing their present course, believe me. I know marketing and sales very well. I've repeatedly offered to help them sell our lifestyle to the masses above board as AANR intends it to be. All I got from them was disinterest and the cold shoulder. Wouldn't even discuss it at all. The strategy has been determined, and they're going to go with it, and that's that, thank you very much.

Why? The main investor wants them to, and he's the boss. He ultimately calls the shots. It's the old, "Want your job? Then do what I say." Period.

Yes, it's a free country. Yes, they've got big overhead. Yes, they've got to make money. We can say the same things about our man, Larry Flint and "Hustler Magazine." These arguments don't wash, folks. Sometimes, wrong really is wrong. This is one of those times. It's one of those times when the actions of the few will ruin things for the many.
I don't know if Angye Fox is the AntiChrist or not, but it's clear that her PR campaign has caught the attention of the news media, and no doubt has been noticed by public officials as well.

LanceAtCaliente also points out that Pasco County is in the Bible Belt, with McCain/Palin campaign signs lining the roads. He also warns about Ronda Storms, a Republican state senator representing Pasco County, who has advocated sterilization of child abusers, eliminated public funding for Planned Parenthood, and led her crusade for the county to officially abstain from recognizing gay and lesbian events held inside county lines (it passed). Her motto is "I am not apologizing for who I am."

Well, nudists aren't apologizing for who they are, either, but if a political firestorm flares up in Pasco County over nudist resorts, it's going to get ugly. The election of Barack Obama and Democrats nationwide who rode on his coattails doesn't mean that Evangelicals and hard-right conservatives have been eliminated. To the contrary, it's only fired them up to work and fight harder than ever.

The bottom line is that if Caliente has been found to be too decadent even for promoters and participants of The Lingerie Bowl, imagine what's going through the minds of the average citizens.

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