The Daily Newds 1/12/09

  • After being suspended by AANR for associating with swinger groups, Caliente Resorts withdrew its membership. Now public relations director Angye Fox is trying to repair her image. Despite her speaking at Swingfest, and arranging adult costume parties such as "Eyes Wide Shut" based on an orgy scene in the Kubrick film, Fox defends her actions as simply a means of introducing younger people to the clothing-optional lifestyle.
  • Nude a hardware store?
  • A Boston Globe reporter goes to Vassalboro, Maine, to find out more about the topless coffee shop controversy.
    "My husband doesn't drink coffee," said Erlile Pelletier, as she worked the cash register at Ferris Variety. "But I told him if he became a coffee drinker, we were getting a divorce."
  • Porn star Sasha Grey is finding work in mainstream media as porn and pop culture merge at the "trash culture level".
    "I never sought any of these projects out," she said Friday at the Adult Entertainment Expo, "and I've been very fortunate enough and very, very, very grateful to have people come to me and seek me out, I believe, because of my own interest in film and music, because it stretches much further than a James Bond (film) or radio music."
  • A painting of a mother nursing her newborn baby was banned from a city-owned building in Lubbock, Texas.
    Vince Gonzalez is a mediator for the Lubbock chapter of the ACLU. He challenged the city's ban on the drawings and asked to see the city policy banning nudity in art during exhibits in city-owned buildings. It turned out there was no such policy. Two weeks after the ban, the city backed down and issued this apology to (artist Lahib) Jaddo.
  • Is skin a barometer for determining the state of the economy?
    Very few women are wearing more than a very few clothes these days. With all this nudity, the hemline has lost its usefulness in market forecasting. Now, it is women's naked or nearly naked bodies that have become the register of economic vulnerability.
  • A statue of a naked man is getting a lot of attention in Bristol.
    "If it had been a woman's breasts, that would have been different," said (sculptor) Ms Johnson-Marshall. "I thought the world had moved on, but obviously not."
  • The LSU Museum of Art is holding a panel discussion "Nude vs. Naked" on January 29.