The Daily Newds 1/6/09

  • Why is the Australian topless beach controversy only about women?
    “Once being topless is accepted as lawful the next question will be why can’t women go totally nude on a public beach and I don’t think Australians want to go down that pathway.”
  • Breastfeeding moms protesting Facebook's anti-nudity policy are getting support from Laura Berman.
    Until we begin accepting the female body as more than a sexual object and the breast as more than just a sexual toy, mothers and babies will miss out on this special bonding process. Yes, breasts are sexy, and yes, they look amazing in low-cut dresses. However, they also have a much more beautiful purpose ... so let mothers fulfill it!
  • An Australian article on life drawing classes, showing a nude model in a photograph, states that the classes are for "everybody" from ages seven and up.
  • Which way to East Vassalboro? You can't get there from here! Actually, the Maine town has now been put on the map by virtue of it's consideration to grant a business permit to a topless coffee shop.
  • "Experts" are warning parents not to put holiday snapshots of their children (clothed or unclothed) on the Internet to keep them from ending up in a child porn collection. Does anybody really understand what child pornography really is?
  • The Whispering Pines Nudist Resort has been sold but will remain clothes-free.
  • Massachusetts is one of only three states in the country without a law protecting breastfeeding mothers, but at long last a bill is on the table.
  • Check out the Naturist Living Show podcast sponsored by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.