The Daily Newds 1/9/09

  • A writer in the San Francisco Chronicle explains how Facebook's banning of breastfeeding photos has backfired.
    What should we make of Facebook's harsh stance, which may as well have been well-intentioned? Even good intentions backfire: Facebook has fallen a victim to the Streisand effect - an emerging phenomenon on the Internet, where an attempt to suppress the dissemination of information on the Internet only makes it more widespread. The reasons that made Facebook decide to enforce rules that do not exist in real life are less clear. In many countries, actual venues could be fined for asking breastfeeding mums to cover up; why should the virtual space be any different?

    Facebook's purist efforts are likely to have opposite consequences: If the photos of nursing mothers, scattered throughout the whole site, were previously hard to find, now they have all been arranged in one place, with many links to other Web sites. Thus, if Facebook was concerned about those who complained about so many sightings of breastfeeding in the virtual space, then such concerns have certainly not been addressed.
  • An editorial on explains that a community can have a topless bar and still be family friendly.
  • If you plan on taking public transit in Portland on Saturday between 3 and 5 PM, be prepared to take off your pants.
  • An artist is preparing a nude portrait of cooking show cutie Rachael Ray using paprika miked with oils.
  • The annual Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas has become a "full-blown mainstream media event".
    To use words such as “most respected” and “most recognized” when describing a trade-show business convention is acceptable when it comes to the Consumer Electronics Show winding up its 42nd anniversary here in Las Vegas this weekend. But the adult entertainment industry says the same about itself because it has grown into a staggeringly massive, annual $12 billion-plus business, and on Saturday, just like the Oscars and the Emmys, gold statuettes will be handed out in more than 100 sex categories to the industry’s top stars and producers! Yes, X-rated entertainment has gone completely mainstream, and flesh fans themselves will be able to sit in on the provocative power parade of pulchritude at the Grammys of the Adult World co-hosted by Jenna Haze and Belladonna.
  • The Lexington Art League's annual Nude exhibit has a few surprises this year. In a related story, six art professors share their views on teaching students about the human figure.
  • An Australian in Indonesia compares the recent rise of the "morality police" in both countries.
    And in a world like this, let any law — in Australia or Indonesia — that threatens such tolerance to appease small–mindedness or potential voters be fought, on the beaches and everywhere else.
  • Ohio Governor Strickland has signed a law increasing penalties for anyone found guilty of "surreptitiously video taping, filming, photographing or recording a minor in a state of nudity." Child pornography is despicable, but this law is certain to be misinterpreted. Don't - repeat - DON'T take nude photos of your kids to be developed at the local drug store, no matter where you live.
  • The mother of a 16 year-old boy found a nude 15 year-old girl in his bedroom and called the police, who issued her a trespass citation and took her home. If the boy invited the girl in, how is this trespassing? And why call the police in the first place?