Facebook Protest Short-Sighted?

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Dr. Marty Klein has explained clearly and effectively something I've been trying to say since I started this blog - that our rights as nudists and naturists are intertwined with the rights of others, including strippers and swingers. Klein uses the example of the Facebook protestors who are fighting with the web site to keep their breastfeeding photos online.
They say ‘Facebook should go after real obscenity.’ They say the real problem is photos of see-through bikinis and couples groping each others’ butts. They say Janet Jackson is the problem, and wholesome pics of breasts are the solution. They resent being lumped in with ‘pornographers.’

This false consciousness is what keeps America stuck in perpetual Ozzie & Harriet land. What’s actually bad for kids—and adults—is the idea that sexual imagery is bad for kids.

The idea that ANY sexuality is expendable makes all of us vulnerable to having OUR sexuality declared expendable. Your right to watch South Park ultimately depends on someone else’s right to go to a strip club. Your right to breast-feed in public ultimately depends on someone else’s right to buy a vibrator. MILC may be willing to sacrifice “real” obscenity like CSI or swing clubs to keep its own photos acceptable, but this short-sighted strategy has never worked.
So many times people have emailed me asking why I write about strippers being arrested, or adult entertainment clubs being closed down, or pornography cases. While these are technically not nudist issues per se, the trampling of the rights of others, no matter how distasteful their actions might be to naturists, are also our rights to freedom of expression.

If you are not a regular reader of Dr. Klein's blog Sexual Intelligence, you should be. Although he does not write about nudism, he's one of the best friends we have.

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