More Bad Publicity for Nudism

As most of you know, Caliente clothing-optional adult resort in Florida has been in the news lately. PR director Angye Fox has been marketing the venue to swingers groups, has quit AANR, and hosts parties like "Eyes Wide Shut" which pays homage to a group orgy scene from the movie of the same name.

In booking the annual Lingerie Bowl at Caliente, Fox has taken yet another step to exploit her resort, and further exploit women at the same time. The Lingerie Bowl features hot babes in underwear playing football for salivating males during the halftime of The Super Bowl.

News stories continue to refer to Caliente as "nudist", when it is not. Yes, there are nudists who frequent the place, but it is not family-friendly anymore, preferring to cater to the Hedonism crowd. Let me state here and now that I do not oppose what Caliente is doing because I am a libertarian on these issues, but what I find unacceptable is the perception that nudism equals sex, and it is this distortion which threatens to do long term damage to the nudist and naturist lifestyles.

Now the worst has happened. In a news story today, is reporting that the women participating in the Lingerie Bowl are upset about playing in front of "nudists".
More problems have hit the Lingerie Bowl, but organizers say the game will go on.

Some players have quit the team over a pay dispute and because they object to holding the game at a nudist resort, said Lingerie Bowl quarterback Reby Sky of Temple Terrace and an agent who represents some Tampa Breeze players.

"I don't have anything against the lifestyle," Sky said, referring to the shift to a nudist resort. "But we as players were having a hard enough time dealing with and defending against the negative stigmas and stereotypes associated with the sport and playing attire before it was announced that we would be playing at a nudist resort."...

Ricker Yankowski, who represents six players through his St. Petersburg agency odels Without Attitude, said Horizon Productions failed to pay the players Dec. 3 as promised and that the company now says it will pay $1,000 to each player on game day -- about 70 percent less than the players thought they would get. He said at least three of his players have quit, and more resignations may happen.

"I never thought it would come down to this," Yankowski said. "Taking these girls away from home and family and work, then paying them a lot less, then making them play at a nudist resort, is below moral."
Holy shit. AANR and NAC need to address this issue now with a press release denouncing Caliente and distancing all nudists and naturists from this deteriorating situation. If girls who dress like porn stars and objectify themselves sexually are calling nudism "below moral", we have a big, big problem.

UPDATE: The Sporting News blog has picked up on this story. Look for it to spread like wildfire. This could all be a publicity stunt, but whatever the reason, nudism and naturism are taking a hit.
Then remaining members complained about the venue, a "clothing-optional resort" north of Tampa where guests may or may not decide to wear pants as they wander the grounds playing volleyball, playing volleyball, swimming, or playing volleyball in the pool.

(This is all there is to do at nudist resorts. I know this from sad, unforgettable experience, having gone one weekend to a nudist resort as a dare taken out of boredom. You will never, ever erase the image of a couple in their 60’s hosing off their RV, each wearing nothing but flip-flops and a fine coating of benign melanomas earned from years of exposure to the sun.)
The Sporting News also reports that Lingerie Bowl quarterbacy Reby Sky once posed nude for Playboy, and the blogger supports her decision not to play "with what she considers inferior goods".

UPDATE: Reby Sky has an arrest record. Can this get any worse? Probably.

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