Nude Theatre Event in Columbus Ohio

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY 2nd UPDATE 1/15: Bottom line is that there is some confusion over who can attend this event. Even though the TBN web site announcement does not mention the need for an RSVP, and even suggests buying tickets online, a spokesperson for the Madlab Theater says it's a private event. The best thing to do if you wish to attend is to call TBN President Jim M. at 614-337-2372 or email the club at

UPDATE 1/15: I heard from someone at Madlab who stated the following: "Thanks for the interest. At this point, being this is the first one of these we've done, we want to keep it relatively small, so we are keeping it to the Buckeye Naturalists (sic)." This is contrary to the public announcement made on The Buckeye Naturists web site, and contrary to what TBN is doing by announcing this event to at least one other group. I will supply more details as soon as I know something.

The Madlab Theater in Columbus Ohio is having an "undressed" rehearsal for its latest presentation of Full Frontal Nudity's "Sketch You Can Believe In" on Wednesday, January 21, 2009. While the performers will be clothed, the audience will be entirely nude.

The public announcement was made on The Buckeye Naturists web site.

Details are somewhat sketchy. Since this announcement has been made on the Internet, one can assume that anyone willing to be nude in the audience will be admitted. I do know that the announcement has been made to at least one other Columbus area naturist group.

If you are interested, you should call TBN President Jim M. at 614-337-2372 or email the club at The phone number for Madlab Theatre is 614-221-5418 and their email is I tried to contact Madlab through email and they did not respond.

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