When it Comes to the Internet, Nudism Lags

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY I don't know what's up with nudists/naturists and the Internet.

I understand that people have time and money restraints, but there is no excuse for all the amateurish web sites out there, foremost among them The Naturist Society and their sub-sites, NAC and NEF. Their sites harken back to the early days of html, with stock buttons and bullets, fixed backgrounds, inconsistent graphics, and no formal layout, not to mention outdated information. Such an important organization should have a first class web presence.

At least AANR appears to have their act together with an attractive site.

I can forgive many of the small clubs for their lack of a slick Internet presence, but there are some basic things that they can do to appear professional and appeal to more people.

A good example of a problem easily solved is with The Buckeye Naturists, which has a web site at http://www.geocities.com/therealbirdin/TBN/. Try reciting that URL to a potential member over the phone. It's their third web address in a couple of years, leaving broken links all over the Internet, creating the appearance that they are out of business. Their email address is tbnaturists@gmail.com which has no relationship with the web address. In addition, their web site has seriously outdated information, and broken pages. Hint: http://buckeyenaturists.com/ is available. Hint #2: If you are having financial and membership problems, it's probably not a good idea to make a recording of your business meeting and post the audio on your web site for all to hear.

At least West Penn Naturist club has their own web address at http://www.westpennnaturist.com/, and their email is info@westpennnaturist.com. Simple and professional. Although their web site design is spare and simple, their information is updated frequently and is very informative.

Even though no longer affiliated with AANR, Caliente is running away with first prize when it comes to a professional web presence. I have no doubt it's paying good dividends in drawing tons of visitors, leaving other resorts in the dust.

But the thing that irks me the most is a widespread lack of email skills out there. It took me well over a year to get in touch with a couple of non-landed groups because they either had outdated addresses, or they just didn't care. Emails to several resorts in Ohio have sometimes taken days for a response. often too late for me to make plans for visiting.

I can understand a limited web presence, but I cannot understand not being able to answer emails in a prompt and professional manner.

Yeah, this all sounds a little bitchy, but the Internet is now THE primary marketing source for nudism and naturism. Time to get serious, people.

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