Worst of the Naturist World

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY In contrast to my series The Best of the Naturist World, occasionally I will take time to point out the worst.

It's difficult for any organization to look in the mirror and see the dark side, but a little honesty through introspection is a healthy thing. On this blog I make an effort to remain positive and seek out stories that support and sustain the clothes-free lifestyle, but the reality is that nudism and naturism has its fair share of creeps and charlatans.

Not that the situation is anywhere near as dire as exposed in Nikki Craft's Nudist/Naturist Hall of Shame. You can take any organization and make a laundry list of crimes and misdemeanors. The number of child molesting priests is well into the thousands, with over a half billion dollars paid by the church in settlements. And don't get me started on the number of dead and tortured victims of the Bush administration. Whatever your line of work, whatever church you attend, whatever organization you belong to, you will come across people that you just need to avoid.

While The Naked, the Nude and the Nekkid is probably not the absolute worst example of a nudist poseur, it comes close. "Nacktman" is a self-professed "Renaissance man" who runs "Forum Naturally" and Carolina Naturally. His blogs are a cesspool of smut, laden with fart and titty jokes, perpetuating the image of the nudist as a dirty old man. Nacktman no doubt grew up on a steady diet of Mad Magazine, Little Annie Fanny and Chester the Molester, and nothing else.

He was a frequent contributor to The ClothesFree Forums and has the dubious distinction of being banned from posting there.

People wonder why more women and young people don't get involved in nudism and naturism, and the image of someone like Nacktman is the primary reason. He's the guy at the nudist resort with the pot belly, smoking a cigar, sitting with his legs spread apart and leering at the ladies.

If I knew Nacktman was a member of any naturist group, I would avoid it like the plague.

I have been to three nudist resorts in Ohio and have yet to run into a Nacktman. One resort, Green Valley, took great precautions to screen us before we were allowed to disrobe and get to the pool. Thankfully, you are not likely to run into this sort of character at a TNS or AANR affiliated park or resort, leaving him to banging on a keyboard in the buff and pretending to be something he is not.

So "congratulations" to The Naked, The Nude and the Nekkid for being among the worst of the naturist world.

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