The Daily Newds 2/23/09


  • The nudism movement is growing and gaining in acceptance in Chile, and there might soon be an official nude beach.

  • Model Sara Stockbridge once did the catwalk in the nude.
    "I've never had a problem with my body. I went down the catwalk naked once. There was an encore and I'd already gone off and started taking all my clothes off and I was naked, and they were like, come on, come on, there's an encore', and so I ran back on in just boots with nothing on. I have no problem with being naked. There are much more scary things than being naked. Like singing karaoke."

  • Wisconsin is about to become the 42nd state to bar anyone from interfering with breastfeeding mothers in public.

  • Andy Golub takes bodypainting to a new level.

  • A 60 year-old man is the oldest nude artists' model in Changsha, China, and is paid much more than a local migrant worker.

  • Two artists have removed all their works from a Modesto art gallery when a couple of their nude studies were taken down because a "couple of visitors voiced objections to gallery staff members."

  • This news article states when two female NYU students removed their shirts during a takeover of a campus cafeteria, it "raised the protest to yet another level", and the school will be evicting some of the protesters from their university housing.

  • Beth Ditto's nude photo on the cover of Love Magazine is seen as a "stand against bland perfection in fashion."

  • Are sexting teens "the new pornographers"?

  • Can nude art modeling be a little "dirty"?
    (Kathleen Rooney) argues for modeling's legitimacy over lunch with her Catholic mother, trying to explain "that, despite the popular past association of art models with depravity, in the twentieth century, it actually became kind of glamorous." (Her mother's response? "It doesn't sound glamorous, Kathy, it sounds dirty.")

    Her mother is right. Despite its pretensions, it is kind of dirty, and Rooney is frank about the psychosexual kicks. "There is," she notes, "a subtle perversion at work -- this combination of my naked vulnerability with the impossibility of my actually being touched -- that makes me love modeling so much."

  • A new study shows that men view half-naked women as objects.