Embracing Imperfection

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Columnist Heidi Davoren is sick and tired of how the female breast is depicted in media.

Much pressure is placed on women to bounce back after pregnancy, but the reality is there's very little bounce left. Despite what celebrity mums might tout about how they achieved their amazing shape two weeks after delivery, the fact is it's physically impossible.

It's about time we put a stop to unrealistic expectations and just got real. This week I am embracing imperfection.

The constant parade in magazines, television programs and movies of pumped-up, gravity-defying, perfectly shaped female breasts has set a standard in the mind's eye of some sort of unattainable ideal that has nothing to do with how people really look.

If you are not a nudist or naturist and have gotten your perception of female breasts from Playboy magazine and pornography films, click here to see a gallery of non-sexual normal breasts.

Whenever a woman practices topfreedom, someone always makes the argument that the sight will be somehow harmful to children. In fact, the opposite is true - children are being harmed by being denied access to the sight of normal, nude human bodies. FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO