The Most Popular Nudist and Naturist Sites on the Internet

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY In politics, the only poll that really matters is the one which takes place on election day.

The other day I called out AANR for running an obviously slanted poll, asking "Where do you get nudist information?", and then stacking the deck heavily in their own favor.

So where do most people get their nudist information? I don't have access to the numbers of the circulations of printed nudist and naturist magazines, but I do have access to the traffic numbers of web sites, their rankings in the United States, and their growth trends.

All data can be easily obtained on Alexa.

Please note that I have filtered out all the web sites out there which call themselves "nudist" but are actually picture peddlers, many selling images of nude children. These parasitic sites contain no useful nudist information, in my opinion. The only pay site that I decided to include in my list is Clothes Free International, because although they charge for access to photos and videos, their forum is free and is about the best one on the Internet, and the folks there present what I consider to be a positive image of nudism.

Overseas websites are also excluded since no US ranking is available from Alexa.

I have also decided to include some social networking sites, even though they are not necessarily family-friendly and present somewhat of a meat-market image. While not ideal, a lot of AANR and TNS members have profiles on those sites and exchange useful information.

A few high-ranking resorts are also on my list, including a couple which recently lost their AANR charters, just to show how well they do compared to traditional nudist venues.

So where do people get nudist information on the Internet? In the following list, the number is Alexa's rank for traffic in the United States, and the up and down percentages reflect a three month trend.

  1. Clothes Free International - 40,216, Up 23%
  2. - 58,260, Down 15%
  3. Nudist Clubhouse - 64,912, Down 19%
  4. True Nudists - 78,622, Up 67%
  5. - 100,698, Up 18%
  6. Diary of a Nudist - 118,117, Up 76%
  7. Net Nude - 131,137, Up 34%
  8. World Naked Bike Ride - 149,657, Down 2%
  9. Sunsport Gardens - 159,908, Up 52%
  10. Caliente Resorts - 179,702, Up 15%
  11. Skinbook - 187,203, Down 43%
  12. AANR - 199,039, Up 27%
  13. The Terra Cotta Inn - 212,170, Up 19%
  14. Topfree Equal Rights Association - 221,836, Up 38%
  15. Cypress Cove Nudist Resort - 263,383, Down 5%
  16. Black's Beach Bares - 268,584, Up 50%
  17. The Naturist Society - 269,190, Down 9%
  18. Paradise Lakes Resort - 289,370, Up 38%
  19. All Nudist - 305,037, Down 20%
  20. Nudist Explorer - 306,183, Down 20%
  21. Naturist Christians - 326,823, Up 141%
  22. Body Freedom Collaborative - 357,375, Up 18%
  23. International Nudist - 367,683, Up 11%
  24. Nudist Day - 401,787, Down 8%
  25. USA Nudist - 464,463, Up 8%
  26. Terra Cotta Inn Blog - 466,624, Up 326%
  27. South Florida Free Beaches - 480,128, Up 13%
  28. Naturist Action Committee - 513,359, Up 193%
  29. The Naturist Journal - 546,130, Down 54%
  30. Cheef's Nudist Naturist Place - 790,933, Down 59%
  31. Nude Hiking and Soaking in the Pacific Northwest - 858,896, Down 53%
  32. The Academic Naturist - 905,791, Up 213%
  33. West Penn Naturist - 909,235, Up 11%
This list is by no means definitive, so if you have any recommendations to add, I will be happy to consider them. Many popular sites don't register at all on Alexa. Sunny Day, for example, just moved to a new address, as did My Secret Public Blog. So please, send me any sites I might have overlooked, or point out any errors.

It's interesting to see how the national organizations fare so poorly when compared to commercial sites like Clothes Free International, blogs like mine, and the social networking sites. It's clear that AANR and TNS have let the Internet get away from them. AANR is trying with their blog and forum, but they are still woefully behind sites that do a much better job.

So when you talk about who is a "credible" voice of nude recreation on the Internet, look to the statistics to see what people are actually reading and following instead of fabricating silly polls.

[UPDATE: List has been revised from original to include All Nudist and The Terra Cotta Inn]