AANR Will Not Publish My Comment? UPDATED

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY It's been over 24 hours since I left a comment on the AANR blog here, in response to the organization giving its official stamp of approval for airport full body scanners, and my words have not yet appeared. Other comments left much later than mine have been moderated and approved on other blog posts. Is AANR afraid of opposing viewpoints? Here is my comment exactly as submitted:
Equating skinny-dipping with a virtual strip search by government security employees is absurd. The same power granted to the government to make people naked is the same power they can use to force people to stay clothed. Civil liberties are eroding in America, and the twisted thinking that declares body scanners as a positive for nudism is not only irrational, it’s dangerous.
UPDATE 1/11/10 - AANR has now published my comment, as well as several others which also take issue with the organizations stance on airport body scanners. Good for them, opposing viewpoints need to be heard on this issue. FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO