British Naturism Abandons Stephen Gough

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY In no uncertain terms, British Naturism has abandoned Stephen Gough.
"Real naturists are respectful of the feelings of others," says Andrew Welch, a spokesman for the Central Council for British Naturism. "We can't support Steve Gough's actions because they're regressive and damage the image we try to promote." Vince Bethell, the founder of a more militant nudity-advocacy group, Freedom To Be Yourself, is equally scathing, describing Gough as an "attention seeker using public nakedness to feed his ego", and darkly suggesting that the ex-Marine – whom he once advised – is a sexual exhibitionist.
This is a fatalistic attitude. It's time for "others" to be respectful of the feelings of naturists, too. And, Mr. Welch, did not British Naturism sponsor a 20 mile nude walk for charity in 2007? How is that any different than what Mr. Gough is doing? If the "Naked Rambler" did it for charity, would that make it all OK? The fact that you undertook the walk under your "public acceptance of naturism" policy doesn't make the event any less confrontational, since 10 police officers, patrol cars and a helicopter were called in because your group was considered a "risk to the public".
A Dorset police spokesman defended the operation, saying: "The coastal path is a busy tourist area with the path being used by more than 200 people on a summer Saturday, including significant numbers of children. We received a total of 18 complaints from the public about nudity during the walk."
One naturist was arrested during the walk and charged with harassment, but the case was later dropped due to lack of evidence that anyone had actually been distressed by the nudity. I don't see any evidence that British Naturism abandoned this man or any of the other walkers on that day.

Nudity is NOT ILLEGAL in the UK. Stephen Gough is in jail for "breaching the peace". He has harmed NO ONE. For British Naturism to brush him aside like an inconsequential gnat only reinforces the notion that nudity is illegal, harmful, lewd and unacceptable. Grow a pair, BN, and fight for the cause that matters. Free Stephen Gough should be priority one. FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO