Dirty Dancing

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Administrators at Union Grove High School in Wisconsin have imposed new "dancing rules" which have some students threatening to boycott an upcoming formal.
The new rules, announced mid-January, will first apply to the school's all-grade winter formal Jan. 30. For the formal, students and their guests will be videotaped during the dance and they must avoid specific provocative dance moves and wear dressy attire that covers enough..."When dancing back to front, all dancers must remain upright - no sexual bending is allowed," the policy reads. "Examples are, no hands on knees, and no hands on the dance floor with your buttocks touching your dance partner. There will be no touching of the breasts, buttocks or genitals. There will be no straddling of each others' legs."...The Union Grove policy says girls cannot have dresses that "expose cleavage, extend above the mid-thigh, (or) have slits extending above mid-thigh" and boys must wear collared shirts and dress pants.
Students feel that the new rules go "too far", especially with the video taping, which Principal Tom Hermann claims is a "precautionary measure". No specific incidents prompted the new written policy, showing that adult paranoia about teen sexuality knows no bounds. FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO