Freakin' Idiot, Part Two

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Now it's an Iowa State Representative who wants to make criminals out of teens who engage in sexting by making it a misdemeanor to send explicit electronic images.
State Rep. Deborah Berry, D-Waterloo, said Iowa laws are not in sync with the changes in technology and need to updated.

Berry has been pushing measures intended to stop Internet predators and adults from sending suggestive images to children and plans to bring those issues up again this session.

But she thinks a distinction should be made for teenagers who send explicit pictures. "They just do immature things sometimes," Berry said.
Yes, they just do immature things sometimes. Since when is immaturity a crime? Vote these idiots out of office, they are trying to ruin the lives of your children.

Teens who engage in sexting, which is an extension of normal sexual curiosity and development, should not be charged with any crimes. The law need to be changed, yes, but to exempt teens from child pornography laws. Adding a new law which makes this behavior a misdemeanor leaves the door wide open to charge any teen who transmits a nude photo via cell photo or computer a criminal, with a record that could last for years, if not for life. FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO