“My uncle Billy didn’t do anything wrong. Why are they talking about him?"

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY This is a story that I find nearly impossible to believe, but it's apparently true.

A soldier in Afghanistan, Spec. Billy Miller of Galesburg, Illinois, has been charged with possessing child pornography after his family sent him photos of his 4 year-old niece in a bathing suit, taken on her birthday.
The pictures were on Billy’s laptop, which the Army has confiscated.

Terri and her husband Rodney are angry with the way they and their son have been treated by the military. They said they are worried about the toll the allegations have taken on Billy. Terri said Billy recently told her, “I know how I can come home quickly. There’s nothing a bullet can’t take of.”...“My uncle Billy didn’t do anything wrong. Why are they talking about him?”, Terri said the little girl told her.
The photos of the little girl are shown as part of the news story, but her face is blurred out, as if she were posing for some real porn. Such censorship only further distorts reality and creates the impression that the image of a child in a bathing suit is lewd.

Perhaps there's more to this story than has been reported so far, but on the surface this appears to be a horrific miscarriage of justice and a further deepening of the public misunderstanding as to what really constitutes child pornography.

What do we do next? Ban anyone under 18 from going to a pool or the beach? I'm at a total loss of words on this one. FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO