Why Clothing-Optional Does Not Work

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Must reading article by Stéphane Deschênes of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park on why clothing-optional does not work can be found in British Naturism, and is online here. A snippet:
Clothing is used to denote social, economic, political, or professional status. We use clothing not only to shield our bodies when we are ashamed, but to elevate ourselves socially. That leads to an endless cycle where people seek to outdo others, or at least match them. By removing our clothes, we are showing respect for others through real modesty.

As stated by Marc-Alain Descamps, the brilliant French social psychologist whose treatises on naturism are some of the best, “the reciprocal visual bestowal of complete nudity defuses the exhibitionist/voyeur relationship.” If one person is dressed while others are nude, it is difficult, even for a naturist, to get away completely from voyeurism. Conversely, a nude person in front of dressed people, such as a nude model posing for photographers, comprises some elements of exhibitionism.