"I wish they could all be in this show"


Trilogy, a piece of feminist theatre in Great Britain, features 35 women from every day life, all shapes and sizes, dancing in a joyous, non-sexual way, completely nude. For many if not all participating, being nude, and seeing other normal nude bodies, has been a life-altering experience.
By the first night, although we were nervous, nobody had backed out. Doing it in something akin to a nudist colony makes it much, much easier. And it appeared that everyone had arrived at a new place, bodily speaking. “I took a look at myself in the mirror this morning,” Becky said as we casually undressed. “And I was much less critical than I usually am.” Meanwhile, an epiphany for Laura, the woman who wasn’t expecting to get undressed at all. “This has made me see that there is no such thing as a normal body,” she said. “And I hope this is going to make me stop being so judgmental. Even when I dieted madly and lost a stone, I still thought I was fat [she is about a size 10]. All of my friends have hang-ups about the way they look. I wish they could all be in this show.”