Yet More Support for Stephen Gough

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Further evidence that British Naturism is on the wrong side of the argument when it comes to the plight of Stephen Gough.
Gough's behaviour is obviously unusual. But abnormal is not the same thing as criminal. While he has been adjudged to have broken the law, it's hard to see what crime he has committed. Any society that thinks prison is the correct place for him has lost grip of a basic principle of liberty. "Man is born free," wrote Rousseau, "but everywhere he is in chains."

In his own eccentric way, Stephen Gough has been trying to break those chains. He may be wrong, he may be misguided, but he's not evil. In treating him as though he were, the Scottish authorities have got their knickers in a twist. And that will prove far more damaging than not wearing any knickers at all.