Gough Plays the Insanity Card

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY No, Naked Rambler Stephen Gough is not claiming to be insane, he's declaring the Scottish justice system to be insane.
The ex-Royal Marine, 50, says: "To live by beliefs that are irrational, that are not based in reality, means that I suffer.

"How do I know what is rational or true? By questioning my beliefs and being honest with myself."

He adds: "Why am I naked? Because I believe the human body is not indecent, harmful or bad.

"If it were true, it would mean I am also indecent and it would mean I'd be divided against myself.

"If I lived in a truly free and sane society, I wouldn't be arrested and imprisoned for simply being naked.

"By refusing to comply with an irrational request to get dressed, I'm bringing attention to a contradiction that exists in our society.

"A society, so we are told, that founds its justice system on truth and reason. So surely, if there is some error in the system we will want it pointed out urgently. That is exactly what I'm doing."

He adds that he understands going out naked goes against what is "normal and customary" but says "what is normal isn't always healthy".
It is also reported that people will be gathering to protest at Gough's sentencing next week, and that a naked run through London is planned in support of his cause. FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO