Key West to Get Nude Beach Test Period

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY South Florida Free Beaches is reporting that Key West Mayor Craig Cates is saying that a clothing-optional area of Smathers Beach will proceed for a one-year trial period, capping a successful lobbying effort for the group.
The naturists had proposed they would provide signs for the beach, and Mayor Cates has notified FKFB that it will need to provide four. Three signs will be placed at the 2 dune crossovers, and on the sand at the start of the naturist area. The additional sign will be placed on the sand several hundred feet west to inform beach strollers that they are approaching the clothing-optional area.

Previous mayor McPherson had opposed a clothing-optional beach.

At this point we do not know the date when the clothing-optional beach will be officially available, but will keep you informed. We request that no nude use be attempted prior to official designation (italics mine).
Imagine if the hard-working folks at SFFB decided to pull a stunt like the fiasco at Delray Beach prior to this victory. The bad publicity would almost certainly soured the mayor and other city officials on the idea of a nude beach.

Congratulations to SFFB, and all naturists in that area need to work extra hard once the beach is open to maintain a safe, family-friendly atmosphere, so that public nude recreation can become a permanent fixture on the Florida Keys. You can donate to SFFB here.