Nudism and Naturism at a Crossroads, Part Two

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY OK everyone, relax and take a deep breath. Although most people agree with my original post on this subject, some have either failed to read the entire essay, or they are deliberately distorting my words.

Let me make it perfectly clear - I am not advocating turning nudist resorts into sex clubs.

What I am suggesting is that nudists and naturists finally recognize that there is a difference between adult nudism and family nudism, just like there is a difference between adult and family activities in everyday life.

Let's take a look at Caliente clothing-optional resort in Tampa. Their stated policy is "Overt sexual behavior or the appearance of such behavior is unacceptable at Caliente Resorts. Behavior "never needing an apology" is the norm."

At the same time, they describe themselves as follows: "The most luxurious clothing optional experiences you can imagine. Whether you’re an avid naturist or just looking to discover your more daring side, we have the perfect adventure waiting for you."

Caliente is luxurious, sexy, fun, and adult-oriented. They are appealing directly to nudists and naturists looking for something more than petanque and pot-luck dinners on rustic campgrounds. Turning a blind eye to resorts like Caliente and Paradise Lakes is a mistake, causing AANR to look like a group of old prudes and fuddy-duddys. Imagine nudists appearing to be prudish - that's a new concept.

I am a strong advocate for the family-friendly philosophies of nudism and naturism as espoused by AANR and The Naturist Society. Body acceptance is the vital component of the lifestyle, and should be appropriate for all ages.

But it is hard for traditional nudists and naturists to ask for acceptance from society when the movement itself refuses to accept the lifestyles of others.

The time has come for the acceptance and realization that there are different types of nude recreation. Adult nudism already exists. It is flourishing in upscale resorts, cruises and tours. AANR accepts advertising from Castaways Travel which states on its website that most of its "resorts that offer a clothing optional area, are for adults only."

And AANR clearly states in its online FAQ that "most clubs welcome children and encourage families to join." MOST not ALL.

Lupin Lodge, affiliated with both AANR and TNS, has a "Naughty Nightie Night" dance coming up later this month. The TNS Midwinter Festival at Sunsport this month has workshops on polyamory, raunchy burlesque, and Roman sex.

Do all these activities really seem so different than Angye Fox marketing to swingers groups on behalf of Caliente, or hosting "Eyes Wide Shut" parties?

Adult nude recreation already exists, folks, like it or not. And it's growing.

My contention is that in order to save family nudism, adult nudism needs to be recognized as a viable alternative.

We're not talking public sex, or sex clubs, or orgies, we are talking about upscale, romantic and sexy venues which appeal to younger couples who are not attracted to run-down campgrounds where the average age of members is 50 years old.

The number one issue with most nudist venues is how to attract a younger crowd. Well, duh!

Kicking out clubs like Caliente and Paradise Lakes only further serves to isolate traditional nudism and naturism from a progressive society.

Nudism emerged from the sexual repression of the Victorian age as a means to bring acceptance, health and wholesomeness back to the human body. We are no longer sexually repressed, but we are sexualized, and traditional nudism / naturism can play an important role in helping a sick society obsessed with body image and plastic surgery to get back to the reality and beauty which is nudity.

But traditional nudism is fading. Clubs are closing forever, and few are opening. AANR and TNS are shrinking. In an age where over a million people a year visit Haulover clothing-optional beach in Miami, membership in nudist organizations should be booming. The total number of members of AANR wouldn't even fill up a college football stadium on an October Saturday.

AANR is fighting TNS over the San Onofre Beach situation, AANR is fighting with Caliente, AANR is fighting with Paradise Lakes...can't we all just get along? FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO