Religion Threatens Nude Beach in Key West

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY A section of Smathers Beach in Key West slated for naturist use is under threat from religious groups who are "uncomfortable" with the idea of nude people enjoying the sun and surf.
"I'm convinced that the naturalist is not an evil person," said Adam Walker, pastor of Calvary Chapel. "Let's just look at facts about humanity: The naturalist does not see anything wrong about nudity. I believe that. You've got to know that not everybody going on that beach is going to be a naturalist. Twitter has opened the world. What do you think is going to be going on on these beaches?"

"I personally would not want this temptation there for my sons," Walker's wife Patty said. "It's hard enough for them to go through life as a teenager. I don't want their mind dwelling on things like that. You go in there and you're not in there for the right reason and you come out, you've got to go let that out somewhere, and things happen in our community."
So, in a nutshell, naturists and naturists are not evil, but nudity attracts evil people. And the argument is not about reality, but about what people "think is going to be going on". And what on earth does Twitter have to do with nude beaches? Fear, ignorance and religions zealotry once again stand in the way of the basic human right of enjoying nude recreation. FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO